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5 Reasons Your Business Should Be Using Video Marketing In 2017

Here are our 5 reasons you should be using video marketing in 2017.

1. The combination of images, sound, music, special effects and speech has the power to communicate information and ideas unlike any other form of media. People are around ten times more likely to view and interact with video than with images or blogs.

2. It allows you to show, rather than tell. People trust their own instincts more than they will trust what someone tells them. That trust is what you need to make a new customer, be that trust in you or trust in your product. Text can be used to tell someone how great a product or service is and photographs can back this up. But only video has the power to demonstrate something properly, to show it as it really is. This is why users are 64% more likely to buy after watching a product video. When it comes to property sales the benefits are even higher, properties with videos have 400% more enquiries than those without.

3. SEO Benefits. Websites with video have a 53 times higher likelihood of appearing on the first results page on Google. Combine that with other search engine optimisation best practices and you stand a good chance of ranking above competitors.

4. It’s cheaper and more effective than TV advertising. Putting an advert on TV is incredibly expensive and you have no idea who is actually watching it. Promoting your video online can be a fraction of the cost, and you can target your demographic much easier than with TV. You also can see exactly how many people have viewed, shared or interacted with your video. In fact research shows that online video ads receive 18 times more attention than TV advertising.

5. Last but not least, with video content, if you get it right it’s possible to go viral and have your video seen by thousands of people. This happened to us with the Ballymena Christmas Advert. It ended up being seen by over 100k people.

Of course it helps a lot if your video is interesting, funny or emotionally connects with people.

At Grafters we love coming up with original ideas for creative videos that help businesses grow. So get in touch today to find out how.



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